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The brand

An “Active” water

Spring water source from the Alps

Water is the fundamental element that ensures functional, healthy and beautiful skin.


VIVESCENCE pays particular attention to this leading ingredient in all our formulas, which must meet the purity, quality and concentration standards adopted by our brand.


Our water is sourced from a spring found at the heart of the Valais Alps and preserved intact for centuries. Located at over 1,000 m in altitude against the spectacular background of the Valais region’s high mountains, our spring water embarks on a journey of several months over the course of which it is naturally enriched with trace elements and minerals.


The spring remains accessible only by foot. Its protected location guarantees the purity and preserves the natural qualities of its water, which is consistently inspected and free of human pollution.


Alpine spring water from the Valais region is recognized as «active» and used in all VIVESCENCE formulas. It ensures perfect affinity and biocompatibility with the skin and its ecosystem, otpimizing its metabolism and helping preserve its youthfulness.


This science has uncovered the existence of connections between nerve cells and skin cells.


Both systems engage in a permanent exchange of information thanks to small molecules. With age, these two systems are thrown off balance, resulting in what research refers to as «flow interruption» and therefore in a desynchronization of the cellular message that leads to the formation of signs of aging on the skin.


The neurocosmetic actives used by VIVESCENCE significantly restore the transmission of information between nerve cells and skin cells, with 3 major effects :

  1. Energy flow responsible for the cellular dialog is reactivated: cellular renewal, microcirculation and cell oxygenation are improved.
  2. Cutaneous stress responsible for tissue tension is reduced through activity targeting muscle contraction neurotransmitters: fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed.
  3. Chronic inflammation and epidermal aggressions responsible for leading skin dysfunctions are countered: hyper-sensitivity, dark spots, sebum, hyper-keratinization, etc.
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Galvanized by scientific breakthroughs in neurocosmetics, our formulas’ performance is based on cellular balance and perfect intracellular communication. Based on the principle of cellular harmony, our goal is to deliver optimal anti-aging results and ensure ideal skin bioecology.

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To provide a specific and individual solution to the “key” skin concerns of each client, VIVESCENCE has developed the exclusive SYNCHRONIZED LIFTOMETRY program. It offers a selection of 7 skincare protocols designed for and by skin experts and activated with formulas developed specifically for professional use.

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This division is an extension of our professional expertise. It is based on the principle of cosmetic instrumentalization, i.e. using instrumental vectors for our molecules. VIVESCENCE offers a global solution for the professional youth-stimulating treatment of signs of aging with LIFTO METRIC MT4.