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1985 Monterey, Laval QC, Canada H7L 3T6 450-688-0123
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Marketed in Canada and around the world by skin care professionals through spas and beauty institutes, VIVESCENCE® products address the key concerns, both specific and individual, of clients who are attentive to the needs of their skin.


Our mission: provide unrivaled anti-aging expertise, from wrinkle prevention to tightening the facial contour, through the use of highly concentrated active ingredients. In short, deliver results that are visible, immediate, and long-lasting.


VIVESCENCE® developed its exclusive SYNCHRONIZED LIFTOMETRY program by introducing 7 treatment protocols developed for and by skin care experts, activated by formulas specifically intended for professional use. These precision treatments combine a targeted approach and an appropriate dose of “fresh cosmetics”.


They allow for personalized 360° treatments, systematically providing each client with:

  • 1 personalized diagnosis suited to address a current issue
  • 1 personalized and informative prescription
  • 1 high performance personalized treatment promoted, inspired and recognized by the medical field
  • 1 specific at-home program